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Please check out and help share my article about Fart Man by Edamame Reviews!

Also, download the latest version of Fart Man on Google Play. With all new graphics and gameplay!

List of Current Android Games I've made on Google Play

2016-07-20 13:45:03 by groovyguy

I've been slowly getting more and more downloads on Google play with the android games I've made. Here's a list of the games I've done so far if you feel like taking a look and maybe downloading them too!

Leaving a review would probably be helpful too, and very appriciated.


Currently working on my newest game right now. Working with an actual graphic artist this time so the graphics will look most excellent. More news on that soon!




Watch the latest videos I just uploaded today!


early gameplay on my next project!


video of my dog!


Hope you enjoy them!

I had to quickly give an update to Groovy Hearts keyboard controls, and while I was at it, I finished the android version of it. Both versions are playable right now. Here's the newgrounds version:


And here's the version on Google Play!






Please try out both versions and leave some feedback!


I've spent the past two months on my lastest project. A game called Groovy Hearts. It was inspired by the classic puzzle game, Columns on the Sega Genesis. It took me a while to figure out the programming and design behind it, but after spending enough time and working hard enough on it I got it working. Could still probably use some testing though, especially since its still under judgement!



A screen shot of it being working on in Unity.


Test out Groovy Hearts and give it a vote! Play it in the link below!


Any suggestions to improve on it would be very helpful. I plan on porting this to Android next, as well as maybe make a bigger version of it with more modes if people like it enough.


Thanks for reading!

reaching milestones...

2016-05-25 13:54:24 by groovyguy

So today I looked at my profile to find that now I've got 10 followers! Sweet!

And also on Google Play I've reached over 50 downloads for all my games combined. Check them out and tell me what you think!


Thanks for all your support dear friends, it's always appriciated!

Fart Man is now on Newgrounds!

2016-05-24 12:18:18 by groovyguy

Try out my latest addition to Newgrounds! It's called Fart Man, and playing this game is a real gas!


Also been working hard on my next new game projects, more details as they develop!

My next game, Groovy Invaders, is currently under judgement on Newgrounds! Check it out and give it a vote!

Been getting back into RPG Maker MV. And making my dream RPG, Groovy Quest.


The story revolves around a Stoner named Smokey, who picks up an old game cartridge to

his favorite game console, the Super Grootendo. When he puts the mysterious cart into

the machine, it goes crazy and throw him and his two closest friends, Samson & Sasha,

into a whole other world. Seperated from his friends and having no idea where he is,

Smokey must explore a new world and figure out what happened to him & his friends.


Screenshot of Groovy Quest being developer in RPGMMV:




I'll be putting Stoopid Snake and other games on iOS later in May. For the moment though, I'm working on getting on of my other games I made in Unity on Newgrounds. It's Groovy Invaders, a Crazy 2D Arcade Space Shooter. You play as Funky Mike, Head of Funky Farms and the worlds greatest space pilot. When his sheep get stolen from aliens from Groovy Gamma IV, he jumps into one of his space ships and takes off after the invaders. He'll shoot down as many as he needs to rescue his poor sheep!






The game will feature 10 levels along with extra content to unlock!